K-Photo Reel: NCT DREAM’s Jisung, Jaemin, Renjun & Jeno For MAPS June 2019 Issue

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NCT DREAM members Ji Sung, Jae Min, Renjun, and Jeno are set to decorate MAPS!

Treating fans with two versions of their photos, NCT DREAM presents their manly charm for the June 2019 issue of MAPS. The global art fashion magazine harmonizes Scandinavian Nordic vintage furniture to the handsome appeals of the idol members.


An official of MAPS magazine said, “All the NCT DREAM members who were filming were overwhelmed by the fascinating and artistic atmosphere.”

For their group photos, the artists wore casual and preppy looks complementing the bright ambiance of the living room they were nestled on. Creating classy concept, the stylish jackets layered on the boys’ shirts gave off an attractive aura.


In darker hues and serious looks, pictures of two members were also revealed. While one appears intimate, the other went for a detached concept. Both highlights, the charismatic features of the K-Pop idols.

More photos can be seen on the 133rd issue of MAPS beginning June 17 online and on the bookstore stands.

(All photos from MAPS|June 2019)