Kim Da Mi Shines Brightly In Recent Makeup Pictorial With Cosmopolitan

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Kim Da Mi looks absolutely radiant in her latest summer pictorial with Cosmopolitan magazine!

Rising actress Kim Da Mi stuns readers in her latest photoshoot. As a model for the makeup brand, Benefit, the actress dabbled on interesting makeup colors.

Sporting a variety of Benefit’s pink-hued blushes and lip tints, the pictorial foresees the makeup trends we may see this upcoming season.

kim dami

The sun-lit photoshoot perfectly encapsulated Summer as the actor wore a variety of summer outfits. Sporting white and blue clothes, Da Mi looked nautical and fresh. Readers will anticipate the warmer weather when looking through the spread.

Cosmopolitan contrasted her cooler outfits with dewy pink cheeks. Moreover, the pictorial focused on Benefit’s line of lip colors like coral, mauve, and nude. Though cohesive, each photo featuring a different color had a different vibe. From sweet to dreamy to playful, the overall concept displayed fun days out in the sun.

With her charismatic and bright vibes, it is no wonder that Benefit has chosen Da Mi as their brand model.

kim dami

Da Mi has quickly risen to the forefront of the acting industry with her sensational performance in Itaewon Class.

Fans across the globe are eagerly watching the actor for the future projects she may have in store.

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Image Source: Cosmopolitan