Kim Ha Neul Radiates With Sweet Charisma In Her 1st Look Magazine Pictorial

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Kim Ha Neul captivates with her sweet and feminine charisma in her most recent photoshoot for 1st Look magazine.

Dressed to the nines, Kim Ha Neul shows through her gaze a strong yet delicate aura.

Kim Ha Neul

Her composed stance and tender expression in the still shots are really close to her 18 Again character, Jung Da Jung.

Kim Ha Neul

Shot in a blank space that seemed like a white canvass, Kim Ha Neul sits on a chair with the beam of natural light further adding warmth to her facial expressions. It as if she is acting as Jung Da Jung in these photos.

Kim Ha Neul

In contrast, some layouts feature Kim Ha Neul in more structured clothes  — but her sweet and soft charm still shines.

Kim Ha Neul

Watch Kim Ha Neul in 18 Again in JTBC, Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30PM KST.

Global fans can watch it on iQIYI.