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1st Look recently dubbed Kim Min Hee as ‘The Cherry Blossom Girl’ for its latest issue featuring BEANPOLE Accessory‘s latest line of fine bags. The magazine shared that Kim is a blooming woman who is praised for being a style icon as well as a motivating actress. With mysterious eyes and eloquence, Kim is described to be like a beautiful flower.

In the first image, the actress wears a red stretch dress while posing with an adjustable black duo-strap drawstring BEANPOLE  bag. A second image features Kim wearing a blue-and-white stripe long sleeve shirt, suspenders, blue high-waist slacks, and black heels. She holds a complementary-color orange BEANPOLE back pack. The third image displays the actress wearing a white blazer over a white sheer blouse and leather skirt while advertising a red version of the first BEANPOLE bag. Next, Kim dons a gray cardigan, white blouse, and leather skirt with a red leather strap BEANPOLE bag on her shoulder.

Take a look at 1st Look’s BEANPOLE spread featuring actress Kim Min Hee below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via 1st Look

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