Kim Min Kyu Makes Time Stand Still In Recent Dazed Korea Photos

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New photos of Dazed Korea featuring Kim Min Kyu is sweetly volatile.

Just like how fashion magazines line up to capture his stunning face, the fans of this aspiring artist share the same feeling of wanting his presence on the glossy spreads.

Kim Min Kyu

Chic and charming, Kim decorates the pages of Dazed Korea. Perfectly donning his “boy crush” appeal, he wore padded jackets, and jeans eliciting manly glamour.

His spell-binding gazes highlighted the urban set photos showing the aspiring artist in casual ensemble of outdoor shots.

Kim Min Kyu

In September, global lifestyle brand GUESS signed up the Jellyfish Entertainment trainee for an exclusive CF model contract.

Piquing interest with his very charming visuals, Kim was reportedly offered CF contract deals. This included brands of drinks, fast food, and even home appliances.

Recently, with various entertaining fan meet features, he successfully greeted his local fans on August 25 at the Kwangwoon University Donghae Culture and Art Center.

The aspiring idol has prepared various activities for the attendees including display of childhood photographs, video presentations and energetic stages.

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Source: Sports Chosun

Image Credit: Dazed Korea

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