Kim Yoon Hye sports UK streetwear for CéCi magazine

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The October publication of CéCi magazine is full of surprise pictorials, one being an UK-inspired photoshoot featuring actress Kim Yoon Hye in English streetwear.

Kim poses in a location with a UK flag couch, curtain, and many more decorations that are inspired by the United Kingdom. She goes big by wearing various patterned outfits with irregular shapes and swirls, as well as a jacket with the pattern of a cow. Kim is also seen wearing a polka-dot party hat with ‘CéCi’ written across the top as the upcoming publication will commemorate CéCi magazine’s 18th year anniversary.

View Kim Yoon Hye’s pictorial for CéCi magazine below:

Source (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via The Star

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