Kim Young Dae Unleashes Sweet And Mesmerizing Visuals In A Pictorial With “The Star Magazine”

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Kim Young Dae is indeed one of the most sought after actors today as he effortlessly aces his Valentines-themed feature with The Star Magazine!

Rising and charismatic actor Kim Young Dae revealed his dazzling and unrivalled charms in his latest photoshoot with The Star Magazine.

Sporting various casual and laid-back outfits that highlight his stunning physique, the artist caught spectators’ hearts again with his breathtaking gaze and dreamy visuals.

 Kim Young Dae

Shot against bright and lively backdrops, the talented actor further complimented the lovely pictorial concept with his boyish and ravishing aura.

Through his affectionate and bewitching facial expressions, Young Dae also made many heads turn with his friendly image and his comfortable poses.

The simple yet rousing styling as well as the actor’s strong facial features added to the overall impact of the photos published.

Kim Young Dae


In addition to the pictorial, Young Dae also spoke candidly about his recent The Penthouse appearance as well as his aspirations for 2021.

The actor’s portrayal of the character “Joo Seok Hoon” in the drama became the turning point of his career. It also became one of the reasons why The Penthouse became widely-recognized not just in Korea but all over the world.

Sharing the preference of his character in the drama, the actor said that Joo Seok Hoon would likely choose love over family.

“I think it’s Rona when it comes to Seok-hoon’s character,” Young Dae said. “Seok Hoon always had the idea of ​​protecting Seok Gyeong, but the appearance of the character Rona seems to have changed the axis of his life.”

The actor also revealed that one of the most memorable scenes on the set was when his mother, Shin Su Ryeon, (portrayed by Lee Ji Ah), died in the last episode of Season 1.

Young Dae shared, “Seok-gyeong was crying sadly, but I was also very sad. I felt empathy for Seok-hoon.”

Just like every actor in the industry, Young Dae also has his fair share of everyday concerns. He said that one of his greatest worries nowadays is how will the viewers relate to his The Penthouse character.

“Even similar characters clearly have different charms. I want to show [spectators] those points in detail,” he said.


Speaking briefly and candidly about his true self, Young Dae said that people always think of him as someone who is reserved.

“Everyone thinks it’s a quiet and chic personality at first, but it’s not at all,” he shared while laughing.

When asked about the things he wants to achieve this year, the actor said that his goal is mainly focused on his career and how he wants to improve it. 

“I want to do my best work without regrets rather than a grand goal. It is on my bucket list that people who see me think ‘he’s okay’,” Young Dae added.

Fans can see more of Young Dae’s captivating photos and read more of his interview in the February 2021 issue of The Star Magazine, as well as on its official website and SNS channels.

Meanwhile, the actor will appear in the upcoming second season of The Penthouse: War In Life, slated for premiere on February 19 on SBS.

Source: Herald Pop

Image Source: The Star Magazine

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