Lee Je Hoon poses for GEEK magazine

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As Lee Je Hoon‘s military enlistment date closes in on the calender, the actor is completing his last promotions and activities before heading off to complete his military duties. Lee Je Hoon will be featured in the upcoming September publication of GEEK magazine.

Lee dons a collection of suits that vary in fabric texture and color for the pictorial. In the first photo, Lee goes for a casual appearance with a neon blue jacket, white t-shirt, and ripped jeans. For the next photo, he wears a formal bluish-gray suit while holding an old fashioned video camera. Lee then poses in a thick dark green suit and green pullover with a blue shirt adorned with white flowers. The last photo displays Lee in a shiny velvet suit and polka-dot tie.

Check out the pictorial below and tell us what you think!

Source (News & Photo) – Couch Kimchi


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