Lee Sung Kyung Vaunts Her Full Denim Outfit With Gorgeous Visage In W Korea Shoot For Levi’s

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Fine and Modernistic Splendor – Lee Sung Kyung Is A Precise Representation For Beauty in Diversity.

Lee Sung Kyung expresses her chic sensibility in a dynamic laid-back course with SYSTEM & LEVI’S Rework Project items.

Model-actress Lee Sung Kyung radiates a sophisticated vibe during her photo shoot with global denim brand Levi’s. Setting the mood “In to the Blue”, the model-actress beholds a calming tone of good looks.

The project is a customized venture that reinterprets other brands’ denim items. It aims to adapt a unique sentiment in celebration of 30th anniversary of one of the world’s biggest apparel brands, Levi’s.

Particularly, the brand campaign originates the theme “Log in Oreginality”, which changes “Ri” from ‘Originality’ to “Re”, Rework. It implies subjects such “freedom out if the box”, “respect for diversity” “limitless growth”. It is a very timely matter that deals with pressing issues such as global environment and sustainability, by which springs as a global fashion and social issue.

The renowned actress from the recently concluded drama Dr. Romantic 2 foreshadows a message of sustainability and high fashion judgement. She portrays a perfect fashion icon with SYSTEM & LEVI’S Rework Project.

Mostly, Lee Sung Kyung worked with a powder blue motif that highly compliments the project’s theme, which is the various shades of denim.

She heavily demonstrates a fashion figure, with an exquisite hair style and make up that matches her powerful blue style from Levi’s.

The “Rework Project” collaboration between Lee Sung Kyung and Levi’s is available on the April issue of W Korea.

Source: Xports News | W Korea

Images Sources: W Korea