Lovelyz’s Mijoo Shows Charisma In Recent 1st Look Pictorial

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Mijoo is really full of lovely charms!

Mijoo, a former member of the K-pop girl group Lovelyz, who is now delighting viewers as a variety show star has recently graced a solo magazine photoshoot with 1st Look.

Earlier this week, the fashion magazine released stunning photos of the idol through various media outlets. Showing her sophistication in the pictorial, she aced several outfits and posed elegantly.

In addition, she participated in a pictorial with 1st Look, where she shared her thoughts about her career.

Last year, Mijoo won the Rookie of the Year award at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards. She has been loved by viewers through her stint in the entertainment programs such as Sixth Sense, How Do You Play?, and Runway 2.

When asked if she felt that she was in her prime, Mijoo said, “I’ve enjoyed doing variety shows through Six Sense. I think they also looked at that well. Thanks to that, I am grateful for seeing more of you in variety shows after that.”

She continued, “When I shoot, I try to do my best while enjoying the situation. It’s actually really fun. Rather than feeling pressure, I have a lot of fun because I can show my honest side, and I think they love me. I enjoy the situation without adding or subtracting, and honesty is my weapon.”

The bubbly idol also talked about her new agency, Antenna. “I think it is a place where I can create things that I can do well and can do well together. A company that pursues good people, music, and laughter is in touch with the future I want to create. I want to show you step by step towards the future,” she said.

Moreover, Mijoo revealed that she’s also excited to release her solo album saying, “I’m looking forward to it, too. What kind of stage will I show you? I hope it will be something new no matter what it is expressed in.”

Source: Xportsnews

Photo Credits: 1st Look