MAMAMOO Gets Fashionably Athletic With Andar

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If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to get your workout routine up and running, take a look at these photos from MAMAMOO’s latest photoshoot.

With the pandemic still affecting the world, athletic brand Andar highlights the importance of staying fit and healthy while staying at home. To do this, the brand recently tapped powerhouse quarter MAMAMOO – who exuded confidence and positivity in their first photoshoot with the brand.

Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa donned the brand’s clothing line for Fall and Winter by exuding energies and showing off how fun it is to do workouts from home. The girls’ healthy and lively appearance added even more color to the already colorful outfits and photoshoot.

Despite donning masks, each member’s bright and youthful charm shines through. Through their eyes alone, Hwasa exudes her provocative charm, Moonbyul remains cool and collected, Solar exudes an intense persona, and Wheein shows off a dreamy expression.

A representative from Andar added that fans can look forward to more collaborations between the group and the brand.

“MAMAMOO’s healthy and bright beauty shone through in this pictorial. In our next collaboration, fans will get to see their confident and honest charms,” the brand noted.

Source: Donga

Image Source: Andar