Shirt Worn By MONSTA X’s Wonho On “Follow” Music Video Goes Sold Out In Various Countries Worldwide

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With Wonho missing hours still continuing, it isn’t surprising how the shirt he wore for the group’s “Follow” music video had suddenly gone sold out in various countries.

Proving the power of “tiki taka” and the outpouring love for the singer, Monbebes had wiped out stocks of the iconic shirt that MONSTA X’s Wonho wore on their “Follow” music video in various countries all around the world!

monsta x wonho

Fashion brand Zara has gotten an influx of orders for a certain shirt recently – and the reason behind it is none other than the MONSTA X singer being dearly missed by fans all around the world.

Starting a (slightly accidental, at first) trend of selling out items that Wonho has worn as 2020 began, Monbebes had been showing that they are powerful consumers as well by deciding to take the singer’s #WonhoFashion to the next level.

monsta x wonho

The floral shirt originally costs $49.90 on Zara, and it is already sold out on a majority of the brand’s online retailers. This includes the official shops in Korea, Mexico, the US, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the UK, India, Indonesia, Qatar, and more.

Following the shirt going sold out on various countries, Monbebes who had the item shipped to them already also proudly shared their #OOTDs sporting the shirt on Twitter, while some are still waiting for it to arrive at their doorsteps.

As for restocks on the shirt, Zara shared on their official Twitter account on January 11 that “no replenishment is scheduled for the FLORAL PRINT SHIRT at this time,” in response to a fan. The brand, however, noted that “feedback has been shared with the pertaining areas” already regarding the high demand.

After a few days, the fashion brand also shared that “no future replenishment [is] expected” for the shirt, as per another response to a fan.

Prior to the Zara shirt he wore on the “Follow” music video, other items that Wonho wore or touched previously had also gone sold out worldwide. Through this, fans continue to show their outpouring support through as many ways possible to MONSTA X, especially Wonho, as preceded by various online and offline projects already which aim to keep on making the strong call of fans to have the singer’s return to his group loud and clear.

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Screengrabs from MONSTA X and Zara Website