MONSTA X’s Shownu Looks Dashing And Dynamic In The Latest Pictorial For Dazed Korea

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MONSTA X’s Shownu embodies the phrase “born to lead” in the latest pictorial for Dazed Korea!

MONSTA X’s Shownu is the perfect combination of strength and sophistication in the recent pictorial for Dazed Korea. In the photos the MONSTA X leader looks absolutely ethereal in his suave style with classy oversized coats and chic accessories which only added to his natural elegance. The artist truly won hearts with his humility and sincerity in a short interview for the same as well. 


The pictorial featuring the lovable leader serves as a grand finale of sorts for the ‘MONSTA X x Dazed’ project that started in May. Speaking about the project, the sweet vocalist expressed that he was incredibly proud of his members. He exclaimed that when he looked through each of the issues, he felt that all of the members looked exceptionally great. He also gave a shoutout to Kihyun and I.M for their features before asserting that, “Each of the pictorials had a very lively atmosphere”.

MONSTA X Shownu Dazed Korea

In each of MONSTA X’s pictorials for Dazed Korea, many members picked Shownu as a role model. Upon mentioning this, the singer said, “I don’t think I’m taking all the responsibility alone. We all talk and discuss different ideas on the spot together. I am a selfless personality who does not get very stressed out.”

Furthermore, Shownu made quite an endearing confession which only showcased just how much he treasured MONSTA X. He said, “No matter how many friends I have, the ones who I can tell my true feelings to are none other than the members of MONSTA X. They share the most beautiful and glorious moments of my life. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to grow this much.”

Shownu, who has been working hard and thoroughly preparing for performances as a habit, showcased his simplicity and thorough professionalism. He said, “Due to my busy schedule, I get out of shape and sometimes I can’t cope well. Especially when I don’t have a regular meal time (laughs). When I finish all those schedules efficiently, that is when I feel and think to myself, “Oh , you did a good job””.

Meanwhile, more pictorials and articles of Shownu will be available in the upcoming October issue of Dazed Korea.

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Images Credit To: Dazed Korea