More CL for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

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2NE1 is going full out, in terms of promoting their already highly anticipated comeback and with each member featured in different fashion magazines. Right after two teaser images provided by Harper’s Bazaar Korea, there are four more edgy photos of the group leader, CL.

Each pictorial spread exhibits CL in a confident and fierce appearance. She is seen wearing a large black hat with black lace detail shirt, red lipstick, and thick eye liner makeup.

A second photo closes up on CL’s face to unveil shiny golden locks, a glowing complexion, cat eye makeup, burgundy lipstick, and blue contact lens.

Next, CL is seen wearing a fine black dress with large sleeve detail. Her hair is pulled back; her eyes are lined to look fierce with additional enhancement of neon blue eye shadow; and her nails are painted with a deep red-brown.

The last image displays CL wearing a zebra print one piece dress and matching sunglasses. Despite having a youthful pattern, the dress maintains its elegance and sophistication.

Take a look at CL’s pictorial with Harper’s Bazaar Korea below:


Source (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via @ygent_official (1)(2)(3)(4)

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