More sleek spreads of Bae Doo-na for High Cut

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High Cut magazine has unveiled additional spreads of actress Bae Doo-na for its latest 100th volume.

The first image displays Bae wearing a familiar navy Beanpole graph-print dress. A second spread features Bae wearing a Beanpole cable sweater and bright red flats. The next few photos exhibit the actress wearing a light red head wrap and a simplistic striped long-sleeve shirt dress.

Bae is also seen wearing a gray knit cardigan, loose dress shirt, and a short navy skirt. A ninth photo features the actress in a blue button-up dress shirt, navy polka-dot shorts, and a fine straw hat. Next, Bae lounges on a fold-able cloth chair while donning a white dress shirt, white mini shorts, and white oxford shoes. Last but not least, Bae dons a striped blazer, embroidered top, and white skinny pants.

Check out Bae Doo-na’s spreads for High Cut’s 100th volume below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via High Cut


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