N.Flying Redefines The Bohemian Style Trend With Indeed Magazine Photoshoot

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For Indeed Magazine’s upcoming issue, N.Flying is showing the world how to redefine the bohemian trend – with their five-member lineup

For their upcoming issue, Indeed Magazine is showing the world how different K-Pop stars are reinterpreting different fashion styles around the world. One of the artists they are featuring is N.Flying, who shows us how they reimagine bohemian style trends through their photoshoot with the magazine.

The preview photos released by Indeed Magazine presented how N.Flying showcases their chic and charming appeal. In the photoshoot, the boys seamlessly integrated their colorful personalities into trends from spring and summer.

Notably, this photoshoot features the band’s five member lineup.

The band also sat down for a quick interview with the magazine, where they expressed how much they missed interacting with their fans. “We want to get on stage as soon as we can and see our fans!”

N.Flying’s full interview and photoshoot with the magazine is available on Indeed Magazine vol. 7. Pre-orders for their upcoming issue can be made through the Yes24 website, and feature fashion films featuring the members will be available on Indeed Magazine’s Instagram account.

In related news, N.Flying is gearing up for the release of their new Japanese single “Amnesia.” The song, which is described as a hybrid of wind instruments and catchy melodies, features lyrics penned by leader Seunghyub.

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Image Source: Indeed Magazine