OH MY GIRL’s YooA Is The Face Of Too Faced Cosmetics’ Newest Campaign

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This month, YooA is giving the phrase “Born This Way” a whole new meaning through her latest campaign

OH MY GIRL’s YooA is spreading her wings and taking flight this year, and she’s determined to use her voice for good causes. Recently, the singer became the muse for American brand Too Faced Cosmetics.

Through the company’s “Born Like This” campaign, YooA showcased her wide variety of charms and highlighted her doll-like features in the preview photos posted online.

Aside from highlighting her natural charm, the singer also showed off a brighter, more playful side to her visuals. Dressed in glamorous pink clothing, YooA showed the world a dynamic yet elegant side to her normally child-like personality within the group.

“OH MY GIRL’s YooA has a diverse fanbase, thanks to her doll-like visuals and excellent dance skills,” a representative from Too Faced Cosmetics explained. “Since our brand image relies on visuals like fascinating yet powerful concepts, we decided she was in line with that we want to do with our campaign.”

Prior to this campaign, YooA made waves through her solo debut with “Bon Voyage.” The ethereal track helped the singer earn her first music show win on SBS’ The Show.

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Image Source: Too Faced Cosmetics