Park Gyu Young: “My Goal Is To Be Remembered By Many people As An Actress Who Can Do Anything”

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Expressing her driven attitude, rising actress Park Gyu Young inspires with her career outlook.

Recently, Park Gyu Young starred in widely-lauded series, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, her performance likely aligns to her current state of mind as she left a striking impression to the audience.

She is set to decorate the pages of 1st Look magazine. The preview photos revealed on August 13 show the actress’ varied colors. Her shifting charms of innocence and sophistication is truly tantalizing.

In the pictorial, Park Gyu Young dons black leather dress bringing out her alluring finesse. Switching to a chaste angel look, another photo features her innocent charm.

Bringing her chic attitude, the muted photo of the actress garbed in fancy pants and bikini top completes the mood of the pictorial. That is parading beautiful moments of being a woman.

The subsequent interview has had the actress share her future goals. “I want to cherish small roles and difficult works and build them up one by one.” Park Gyu Young remarked how she wants to be remembered by many people as an actor who works hard to accomplish the roles required of her.

Expounding on her projected plans, she knows that patience is bound to bless her. “I try not to get impatient to do well quickly. I want to be a good actor who is stable and keeps track of my direction for a long time,” she added.

With such promising talents, expectations are focused on the future performance of the actress, who has proved her limitless potential as an artist.

A fashion pictorial with various charms of actor Park Gyu Young can be checked on First Look’s official SNS. The digital video is scheduled to be released on the August 17.

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Photos: 1st Look