Park Seo Joon Dazzles Like A Vibrant Youth In Elle Magazine Photos

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Park Seo Joon graces the November issue of Elle Magazine and showcases his delicate yet strong facial features.

This Elle photoshoot is the first of the actor’s magazine pictorial after becoming a Chanel Beauty ambassador yet he has flawlessly translated the concept as if he is acting.

Park Seo Joon

In an interview during the shoot, Park Seo Joon shares his thoughts on Itaewon’s Class fame that took the first half of 2020 by storm. He said, “This moment in my life is the most important. I think I’m still living in youth because I have dreams and have many things to go through in the future.”

Park Seo Joon

Apart from being one of the most handsome actors in Korea, Park is also revered as a “healthy young adult” given the inspiring youth-oriented message of his past works such as Itaewon Class and Fight for My Way

Park Seo Joon

When asked on what is most attractive about himself, Park humbly answers, “This question is the most difficult to answer. (I am) a person who wants to make his acting and his daily life clear. I think you might like that simple charm.”

Meanwhile, the actor has also just finished filming his upcoming movie, Dream. 

Source: (enews24)