Pictorial Of Tablo And Haru Look ‘Too Cute’ For Viewers Eyes

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South Korean sportswear brand Black Yak recently revealed on its official website, a pictorial and commercial film modeled by adorable father and daughter duo Tablo and Haru.

In the pictorial, we can see the father and daughter duo posing in a ‘White Frozen’ setting as they both represent various family looks with other child models.

Many child models were cast to shoot alongside Haru and Tablo . Haru happily got along with the other child models, creating a comfortable and fun mood for the shoot.

In the CF, Tablo is shown having trouble putting up a tent, as Haru says “We came for nothing”. Then Tablo has an idea and easily sets up the tent with the Black Yak camp gear. The duo are seen happily at the end playing with a well set up tent.

Watch the funny CF below.


Laugh and awe at the super adorable pictorial of Tablo and Haru below.


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