Red Velvet’s Joy Splashes Color On BEAUTY+ Magazine’s Latest Issue

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This month, Red Velvet’s fashion enthusiast, Joy, paired up with BEAUTY+ Magazine and makeup brand eSpoir for a truly colorful photoshoot.

Despite her busy schedule, Red Velvet’s Joy is continuing her responsibilities as makeup brand eSpoir’s darling muse. This month, the artist paired up with BEAUTY+ Magazine to flaunt the beauty brand’s selection of lipstick shades.

The preview photos showcased Joy’s versatile set of charms. Additionally, the photoshoot highlighted the singer’s intense expressions, immediately catching the Internet’s attention with her facial expressions which suited the attitude of the lipstick.

Definitely showcasing eSpoir’s brand with style during the photoshoot, the songstress highlighted her expressive self paired with lip colors ranging from elegant rose, refreshing coral, and intense red.

Recently, Joy also enthralled ReVeluvs and K-Drama enthusiasts with her participation in the soundtrack for Hospital Playlist. Last month, the singer released a music video for the song “Introduce Me a Good Person,” which was a remake of the Basis track from 1996.

The music video also caught the eyes of many as it included clips of different characters from the drama, as well as a sneak peek of the singer’s recording process interspersed between.

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview with Red Velvet’s Joy will be featured on the May 2020 issue of BEAUTY+ Magazine.

Source: MyDaily Korea

Image Source: BEAUTY+ Magazine