Red Velvet’s Seulgi Demonstrates Intense Charisma In A Vintage-Themed Pictorial For Esquire Korea

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Red Velvet’s one and only main dancer Seulgi shines effortlessly and stunningly in her latest interview pictorial with Esquire Korea!

Seulgi of powerhouse girl group Red Velvet unleashes her seemingly endless charms in her latest retro-themed photoshoot with Esquire Korea.

Featuring various looks of autumn wear and modern bohemian-inspired outfits, Seulgi has made heads turn once again with her alluring beauty.

Shot against neutral-toned settings, the well-rounded idol further completed the pictorial concept with her laid-back styling and her posh hairstyle.

The singer also effortlessly aced the photos with her unconventional yet eye-catching poses, which purely demonstrates her overflowing confidence.

While sporting mesmerizing facial expressions, Seulgi further drew attention with her cool-girl image, at the same time, exuding a warm and ravishing aura.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, Seulgi spoke candidly about her recent hobbies as well as her continuous journey of exploring the world of dancing.

Expressing her massive love for photography, the idol shared that she likes to hang out and takes pictures of the people she cares most about.

Seulgi said, “Recently, my cousin took [my photos] often. I’m very interested in photography, so I tend to take others too. We are learning to take pictures while walking around together.”

The talented singer, who has been gracing fans’ Instagram home feeds with her breathtaking film photos, also admitted that she has been trying her best to improve her skills in the said field for the past year.

“Honestly, I can’t say that [my film photography skills] have improved. I thought this was going to come out really cool, but when I print it, the focus sometimes gets out of focus or too dark. At that time, I’m a little upset. I guess nothing is really easy,” she said.


Speaking briefly about her great ardor for dancing, Seulgi shared she wants to try a new genre — something that is challenging, but does not hardly take a toll on her body.

“I have danced a lot of modestly styled dances… It’s relaxing, but I found myself giving power without even knowing. So, I want to try something that allows me to hang my body gently. When I was very young, I learned ballet and jazz for a while, but I forgot,” she said.

Seulgi Esquire Korea

When asked about her thoughts of trying tutting for the first time, the charming idol said that she felt confident knowing that she is doing the dance genre with Irene.

Seulgi explained, “I have been in sync with [Irene] for a long time. I think it is of great significance to be able to show [our] chemistry. Even the time to prepare was all precious. In fact, when I first encountered the concept of “Monster”, I was a little surprised. The color is so distinct. But as a result, I really like it.”


Looking back in her recently concluded activities, Seulgi said that she had the most time for herself and for her loved ones this year than the previous years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking a longer break than she expected, the singer further shared she has been keeping herself busy by monitoring her previous performances and enjoying her newfound recreational activities.

“I searched [my] stage videos all the time and I noticed that there were some shortcomings that I hadn’t discovered before. I thought: ‘It would have been better if I did this’, so I went to learn dancing,” she said.

Seulgi Esquire Korea

Moreover, when asked about her other plans as an artist, Seulgi mentioned that she recently got a studio space to work on her own music.

“I don’t have any plans to say this because it’s so “jakshimsail” (someone who whatever they determine to do only lasts for three days) style… but I recently got a studio and started recording. I’m still making baby steps but I want to keep on recording and making songs,” she added.

Seulgi Esquire Korea

Aside from making time for her craft, Seulgi also shared she wants to travel the world and explore the hidden beauty of South Korea when the crisis ends.

“I want to go to Budapest, Hungary. Not long ago, I watched a movie called Gloomy Sunday, and the restaurant featured in the movie is in Budapest. When you go there, you must eat beef roll. I also want to travel all over the country I don’t know well, but after a little visit, [I realized] there are many pretty places in [South] Korea,” the dazzling idol said.

Fans can see more sophisticated photos and know more about Seulgi’s interview in the November 2020 edition of Esquire Korea, its official website and social media channels.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently unveiled its OST titled “Future” for the latest tVN drama Start-Up on October 17.

Source: Esquire Korea