Red Velvet Collaborates With Korean Fashion Showroom The Selects For The Latest Collection

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Red Velvet is branching out to the fashion industry, and the girls are kicking things into the high gear through a showcase in New York.

Korean fashion showroom The Selects recently unveiled its latest fashion collection— a collaboration with Red Velvet.

(image via Korea Creative Content Agency)

The Selects x Red Velvet 1st Collaboration Project Showcase was formally unveiled at SoHo in New York City. The showcase itself consists of collaborations between the girls and Korean designer brands.

This showcase is comprised of casual clothing items designed to combine each members’ personalities and the designers’ distinct style.

Hidden Forest Market collaborated with Yeri, LIE collaborated with Irene, and WNDERKAMMER collaborated with Joy.

(images via Korea Creative Content Agency)

Additionally, NOHANT collaborated with Seulgi, and SWBD collaborated with Wendy.

(images via Korea Creative Content Agency)

So, will Reveluvs be able to buy the clothing displayed on this showcase?

A representative from the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) talks about the possibility of having these items going on sale if they are well-received by the people of New York.

The Selects is a relatively new showroom, opened by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the KOCCA during last year’s New York Fashion Show.

The Selects x Red Velvet 1st Collaboration Project Showcase is the first project by this Korean showroom.

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