Red Velvet’s Joy Is The Definition Of Sophistication In Her Latest Allure Magazine Interview Pictorial

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Red Velvet’s dazzling vocalist and resident visual Joy looks absolutely gorgeous and captivating in her latest feature with Allure Magazine!

Joy of top South Korean girl group Red Velvet demonstrated her enticing beauty and majestic charms in her recent photoshoot with Allure Magazine Korea.

Joy Allure Magazine

Featuring various looks of elegant and modern-day princess outfits, Joy instantly captured spectators’ attention with her overflowing charisma.

Shot against various minimalist settings, the stunning idol further completed the pictorial concept with her striking and unconventional poses, accompanied by her mysterious yet ravishing aura.

Joy Allure Magazine

Moreover, the singer also nailed the photos with her steady gaze and mesmerizing facial expressions that both exude confidence.

While embodying a sensual yet exquisite concept, Joy also made many heads turn with her powerful image and fascinating visuals.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, Joy spoke candidly about her feelings about being an adult as well as her growing interest for fashion.

Expressing her true self, the idol said that she has started living a life that she completely crafted by herself, without the aid of the people around her.

“[I started] working on thinking for myself and making judgments without the help of my company, managers or family members,” she said. “I started to think about what I really like, as well as what I can do well, while learning and trying different things,” Joy added.

Joy Allure Magazine

When asked about whether she thinks she grew up too fast and whether she is sad about it, the talented singer explained that becoming an adult will always be inevitable.

Joy said, “I think you just become an adult naturally. It’s not like it was forced by anyone either. I tend to think quite positively. Rather than thinking about what saddened me, I think it’s much better to invest my time and efforts on self development.”

Speaking briefly about her love for dressing up, the singer shared that she is still in the middle of finding her own, unique style.

“I realized that there’s no better way to express yourself than through fashion. Even if they’re similar looking clothes, they all have their own individuality and story,” she said.

Joy added that the wide array of outfits she wear also bring out various characters that are different from her usual self, which she finds fun and fascinating.


Despite to the brief halt of her group’s activities in 2020, Joy said that she has been taking care of her health by exercising.

“Exercising is the first thing I do when I wake up. I am diligently doing pilates and strength training. I am also into horseback riding and acting classes,” she said.

Joy, who has continuously proved her well-roundedness as an idol, also shared that exercising also helps with her overall condition and mental health.

“Even on days when I’m not doing anything, just coming back from working out makes me feel so satisfied about the day. ‘I lived diligently today’, I’d have thoughts like that,” she added.

When asked about her thoughts on becoming a Red Velvet member, the dazzling idol said that a lot has changed since her debut.

“I think the most meaningful change is having the ability to act on my own will. I can enjoy the things I want to do with the money I earned, take care of my family and I have gotten a lot stronger,” she said.

However, despite the huge changes, Joy said that her heart and her aspiration towards achieving her dream has always stayed the same.

“I’m spending a lot of time and effort [now] on introspection. I constantly think about what I really like, what I want to show people and what they expect from me,” she added.

Fans can see more of Joy’s endless charms and know more about her interview in the January 2021 edition of Allure Korea, its official website and SNS channels.

Source: Allure Korea

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