Red Velvet’s Yeri Talks About Her Acting Debut, Next Role To Play

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Flaunting her lovely and versatile charms, Red Velvet’s Yeri effortlessly nailed her recent interview pictorial with Beauty+!

Red Velvet’s Yeri left spectators speechless and in awe again as she displays her girly and versatile aura in her recent Beauty+ photoshoot.


While donning fashionable clothing pieces in bold red tones, the dazzling idol made many heads turn with her insanely attractive visuals and gorgeous looks.

Shot against plain settings, Yeri displayed her amazing projecting skills as she strikes playful and fun poses. Further drawing attention with her infectious and attractive smile, the idol proved her ability to pull off any kind of style and concept through her stunning figure.

Her lovely facial expressions stood out because of her strong and impactful make up look. Yeri also created a sophisticated and joyful mood that corresponds to her outlook in real life.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, Yeri opened up about the start of her acting career, particularly her drama debut with the web series Blue Birthday and tVN’s Drama StageMint Condition.

The idol shared that she thoroughly prepared herself for the criticisms that might come her way. However, she got amazed at how good the response to her acting skills was.

When asked about what role she would like to play next or in the future, she said, “In a few years, I will be old enough to wear a school uniform, so I want to play a student role one more time. I like that genre so much that I want to continue doing it when the opportunity arises. How about a historical drama?”

To conclude the interview, Yeri said, “I always want to be with people who are happy and comfortable just by looking at them. I think people who radiate comfort by themselves are cool. I like people like ‘Santa’.”

Fans can see more of the gorgeous idol’s stunning photos and know more about her interesting interview by grabbing a copy of the latest Beauty+ issue and by visiting the magazine’s official social media channels.

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