Seulgi Provides Sultry Summer Looks In Her Feature With DAZED Magazine

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi talks about stardom and her approaching unit debut during her radiant DAZED photoshoot.

Seulgi evoked ’90s fashion in her latest pictorial with DAZED magazine. Sporting Converse, graphic tees and geometric prints, the singer boasts her free and retro-inspired beauty in the spread.


The photoshoot featured pieces from the clothing brand, RAIVE. Seulgi’s cool-girl charm shined as she carried each look with a chic, careless vibe. Bathing in neon lighting, her sultry gaze portrayed effortless confidence.

Seulgi spoke to the magazine about her daily life, explaining that she has been productive with her time, and has been working out more to improve her health.

The artist is also busy as her unit debut with fellow Red Velvet member, Irene, quickly approaches. Seulgi shared that “the concept of ‘Irene and Seulgi’ is very clear. In a different way than Red Velvet”. Moreover, she divulged that she felt comfortable preparing for their unit comeback, as the two have trained together ever since she first became a trainee.

Yet, their newest project has not come without her own worries, as she admitted, “From the fan’s point of view, the stage filled with five people has been reduced to two, so I am worried that it may look awkward. That’s why I practiced almost every day, and I often get comments”.


Regarding Red Velvet’s exponential fame, Seulgi admitted that she used to feel nervous all the time. Now, she feels a sense of comfort and ease communicating with the fans.

Fans can look forward to the future, as she stated, “it will be a time to express what I have thought and wanted to do.”

Seulgi’s full interview and photoshoot are available in the July 2020 edition of DAZED.

Sources: DAZED KOREA, Daily Sports

Image Source: DAZED KOREA

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