SEVENTEEN’s The8 Gives A Smoldering Look In Dazed Korea’s April 2020 Issue

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Aside from being an artist, SEVENTEEN’s The8 is also a total work of art.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 radiated an extraordinary and powerful aura as he showed off his mastery in posing for the cameras in his latest photoshoot for Dazed Korea’s April 2020 issue!

seventeen the8

Posing solo for the fashion magazine like an expert, the SEVENTEEN member instantly mesmerized fans in his recent snapshots by flaunting different charms than the ones they have seen before.

In one of his photos, The8 added flair with a clean white shirt and colored petals to pull off trendy styling which matched the sharp and smoldering look in his eyes.

The talented dancer also completed a sensuous pictorial with his dynamic poses and languid eyes. He also heightened the mysterious and dreamy mood by posing with a flower once more and maximizing its mysterious charm under red light.

seventeen the8

Meanwhile, The8 is shared to have been excited about his first solo photoshoot. Moreover, he received deep admiration from the staff for leading the pleasant atmosphere at the set with his unique poses and concept skills.

In the interview following the photoshoot, The8 said, “Thank you very much, Carat. I intend to show our fans everything that represents me, whether it’s modern dance, photography, painting, dance, singing, and fashion, which I had just started.”

“I want to show a person called The8 and his feelings and moods. I would be very proud if the fans could relate to me,” he added, showing his sincere love for his fans which is also among his highly-admired endless charms.

seventeen the8

More of the trendy photos and interviews with SEVENTEEN’s The8 can be found in the April 2020 issue of Dazed Korea.

Source: Xsportsnews. | Herald Pop


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