SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, &Joshua Team Up As Visual Kings In Elle Pictorial

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The chemistry and friendship of SEVENTEEN’s 1995 liner are really admirable!

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua have recently participated in a magazine photoshoot for the very first time together.

Earlier today, Elle Korea released some of the pictorial cuts of the three charming idols. Showing their enchanting visuals and relaxed charm, they led the atmosphere of the scene with various poses and professional appearances that fit the pictorial concept.

They radiated chic yet dandy charms with suit styling that made use of their individuality. It made it impossible to take your eyes off the deep atmosphere and completed a sensual pictorial that stands out with sophistication.

In the interview that followed, S.Coups said, “I think the word ‘we’ is beautiful in itself. There is no one perfect in the world. There is no change in the thought that we are perfect by filling in each other’s shortcomings.”

When asked about his plans for 2022, Joshua said, “We made a commitment not to lose consideration for each other even when we were tired and sensitive.”

Jeonghan revealed his wish for the new year. “I know this year will be a difficult one as we have made many plans. I hope we can always feel small happiness together even when we’re having a hard time.”

See more of the captivating photos of SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua and know more about their interview through the February 2022 issue of Elle and its website.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: Elle Korea

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