“Bride Of The Water God” Shin Se Kyung Trends K-Drama Fashion With Her Coat Style

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Has anyone noticed Shin Se Kyung’s coat color change in “Bride Of The Water God”?

Initially, it looks plain and simple. But after that, it becomes more and more attractive. It is none other than Shin Se Kyung’s outfits in her latest drama Bride Of The Water God, starring co-star Nam Joo Hyuk.

In the story of Bride Of The Water God, the female lead character Yoon So-ah is depicted as a neuropsychiatrist, with a depressing background of mountains of debt. From her outfit style in this drama, at the beginning, it looked plain and straightforward. There were not many varieties, and definitely nothing to talk about.

However, as the drama develops with those coats that Shin Se Kyung wore for different moods, the color changes became mysteriously alluring. Moreover, with her flawless white skin complexion, no matter which color of coat she wears for the different scenes, it suits the mood transition perfectly.

Which color of Shin Se Kyung do you like the most?

Thoughtful: Light Green

Plain: Grey & White

Everyday: Blue

Cute and Innocent: Pink

Depressed: Black

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