Stray Kids’ Lee Know And Hyunjin Show Their Mature Sides In Interview And Pictorial With Arena Homme

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Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Hyunjin showed their mature sides not just through their photos, but also through the sensible thoughts they shared in their interview.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Hyunjin suited up to preview their sophisticated and sensible charms on the April 2020 issue of the magazine Arena Homme.

stray kids lee know hyunjin

Both taking on the positions of main dancers in their group, the two dashing idols definitely run with talent in their bloods—along with their gorgeous visuals, as seen in their photoshoot.

In addition to their passion as artists, Lee Know and Hyunjin also showed their sensibilities when it comes to their mindset. From the way they handle stress to how they view criticisms, the two Stray Kids members displayed their maturity in the thoughts they shared with Arena Homme on their pictorial’s accompanying interview.

Lee Know

An impressive round of talents, huge kind heart, unique and fun personality, and top-of-the-line visuals: Stray Kids’ Lee Know is basically a complete package.

Revealing his favourite part of his face, he quirkily said, “My nose bridge. Fans say they can ski on my nose bridge.”

A known cat lover, Lee Know also shared the story of how he developed a fondness for his pets. “I saw a cat dying in an animal hospital. As soon as our eyes met, I thought to myself that “this is my cat”, so I brought it home. Doongie was given by an acquaintance, and Dori is a friend brought from the abandoned cemetery center. Fortunately, they opened the door to my heart quickly,” he said.

stray kids lee know

The hardworking Stray Kids member also talked about the beginning of his journey as an idol.

“I liked K-Pop, so I looked for a dance video and followed the steps. I was so amazed that I could do it with my body and so I thought, “I want to learn how to dance!” and started it,” he said.

He also shared his thoughts on how he now feels as the star of the stage after beginning his journey as a backup dancer.

“When I was on stage as a backup dancer, I worked hard with the heart of making the main artists stand out. But after debuting, this became our stage and now I can show you my dance. The lights were shining on me in my part, and it was thrilling,” the Stray Kids member said.

Sharing what dancing is for him, Lee Know said, “[It is] the most confident way to express myself and a friend who has been with me since I was 14 years old. I developed a lot of relationships while dancing and found my way. It’s a good friend.”

“There is no right answer to dancing. You have to show it in your own style. Listen to the lyrics, melody, bass, beats, etc. differently for each song in your own way, and you can express it,” the Stray Kids member wisely noted.

stray kids lee know

During the interview, it was also revealed that he sponsors a kid through UNICEF, and the idol heartwarmingly shared how proud he feels every time he receives a letter from him. He also noted that he doesn’t know if the kid knows that he is a K-Pop idol, but said that “I would like to invite you to a performance when I have a chance one day.”

Lee Know also shared about how he quickly forgets about difficult times by working hard instead. “It’s annoying to think deeply about something. When I feel down, it makes me feel better when I am with the members. I also feel comfort when I look at pictures of cats,” he said.


“Visuals that jumped out of a manga” is something that Hyunjin is known to have, and as Arena Homme pointed out his intense way of staring at the cameras, the young idol shared, “Many people think that I look cold when I am expressionless.”

The Stray Kids member then talked about one of his strongest points as an artist—which is dancing.

“When the song begins, all my other thoughts fly away and I become immersed to it immediately, especially when I sing songs with dark emotions like “Side Effects” or “Levanter”. When I watch dramas or movies, I’m the type that can’t get out of it right away—it’s called over-immersion,” he laughed after sharing.

“There’s a plot and story to every song. Whenever I go up on stage, I think about what kind of facial expressions and movements I should make for every part,” the idol also said.

stray kids hyunjin

In addition to this, he also talked about how he manages his emotions, especially as an artist at a young age.

“Once I start crying, I keep crying and once I start laughing, I keep laughing. I usually have a lot of complex thoughts and if something disturbs me, I get emotional,” he shared, adding “Han really makes me laugh a lot.”

Asked about which things he thinks about a lot, he also said, “I think a lot about myself. There was a time when I really had no self-esteem. I want to know what the middle point is and stay in that state, but it’s not easy and I think about it a lot. Like, what else should I try harder on?”

stray kids hyunjin

After his gorgeous visuals and astounding performance skills were pointed out, Hyunjin said, “Of course, I like and appreciate the story of being handsome, but I want to be a better person than that. I want to be a wonderful person as an artist.”

“It’s because my expectations are high. I want to grow as a musician. We have a self-producing team called 3RACHA, and they often share a lot of their own opinions on music. They write lyrics and work really hard on making songs. I want to do well at everything, and there are so many things I want to do and achieve,” he further shared.

“I try to accept feedback from other about me, even the ones that hurt. That’s because not everything I think is correct. I think continuing to meet other people and monitoring myself helps me get more mature quickly,” Hyunjin wisely noted as well.

“Even if I’ve been hurt by people, I still like people. That’s because I also get lots of love from people,” he said, noting that in addition to his groupmates, he gets strength from reading fans’ posts and letters.

stray kids lee know hyunjin

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview featuring Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Hyunjin will be available on Arena Homme’s April 2020 issue.

Source: Arena Homme