Sulli Shares Her Secret To Unchanging Beauty

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Sulli, as beautiful as always.

South Korean singer and actress Sulli is as beautiful as the seasonal spring in the latest photos for the local edition of international fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

The 23-year-old actress posed for the magazine’s monthly beauty book, displaying a natural yet colorful do. She also took time for an interview, and discussed her beauty secrets.


(Photo from Cosmopolitan)

According to Sulli, she tries to keep her skin moisturized by putting a pack of cucumbers on her face, and avoiding washing her face with water often.

She also revealed her liking for bold lip colors to liven up her face.

“I have a very pale face so, if I don’t apply make-up I will look too pale,” she explained.

Sulli added that even when at home, she applies color to her lips, which makes her feel confident.

She chose red as her favorite make-up color. “I enjoy doing make-up with red lip tint, using it for both my lips and cheeks,” she said.


(Photo from Cosmopolitan)

When it comes to her body, Sulli admitted going on a diet is unavoidable. She further shared she is practicing dancing these days as part of her efforts to be fit. But rather than exercise, she works harder in controlling her diet.


In 2017, Sulli acted alongside Kim Soo Hyun in the action thriller film Real as Song Yoo Hwa.

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