Sung Hoon Looks Forward To Fulfill Career Dreams + Defines “Smexy” In Leon Magazine Pictorial

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Actor Sung Hoon sports smoking sexy charm as he unveils future goals in his recent photoshoot for March issue of Leon magazine.

Multi-talented actor Sung Hoon has been swinging various projects in television and advertisements. He is a well-known disc jockey (DJ Roi), who has conducted activities across Asia. He also marked his film debut this year for Brothers in Heaven, and is expected to be in another movie with actress Kim So Eun.

Sung HoonSung Hoon

Sung Hoon has reached mainstream TV success through working on different roles since debuting in 2011. His craft as a professional actor grows steadily by covering various story genres, from family, romance, fantasy and drama. His TV portfolio includes My Secret Romance, Tales of Gisaeng, Faith, Five Enough, Oh My Venus and Noble My Love.

In the interview for the pictorial, the charming actor expressed his affection for the sit-com Sound of Your Heart 2, which he is currently shooting. He also revealed how he is a cheerful person by nature so he easily adapts to bright characters.

Sung Hoon remarked how he yearns to take on the dark character roles in the future. For his unique new character, he remarked how it is a type of role that he wanted to play. Since he has been acting happily, he added how he yearns to play a secretive character with a dark shadow.

Sung HoonSung Hoon

Sung Hoon said, “Even now, I don’t have greedy attitude towards my acting goals. But I wonder if the day will come when I can hear people praising my performance as an actor.”

The handsome actor’s growing popularity stems from his undeniable charisma and manly frame. He has started meeting his fans to connect with them intimately.

Sung Hoon’s full interview will be featured on Leon magazine next month .

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