Suzy Channels French Finesse In Her Dior Photoshoot For Vogue Magazine

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Suzy stuns in brilliant pieces from Dior in her latest photoshoot for Vogue Magazine.

Radiating classic French-inspired fashion, Suzy pulls off the twist of contemporary mod styles. She was on top of the world as she donned retro ensembles paired with incredibly opulent accessories from Dior’s jewelry line.

In one photo, Suzy is shown staring off into the distance in a charming polka dotted midi dress and shorts combo as she leans comfortably against a seat. Her off white retro Mary Jane heels go perfectly with the pale palette of her dress and pearl earrings.


In contrast to the sweet ’40s essence of the first outfit, the second photo depicts her in a bright pop of color. The classic scarlet sweetheart cut dress looks exquisite against Suzy’s porcelain skin tone. Additionally, the gold Dior choker sits pretty on her neck as the focal piece, taking the entire look to new heights of quintessential elegance.

Suzy for Vogue

Moving on to the next ensemble, Suzy throws the camera a subtle look as she chills in her white blazer and sheer polka-dotted maxi skirt. The ethereal aesthetic of the organza gets revamped with a twist, courtesy of the graphic tee and platform sneakers.

The enchanting beauty of the sleek blazer and flowy skirt paired with the rockstar flair of the colorful shirt and sneakers offer an offbeat sense of sophistication that embodies modern day French poise. Everything from the styling to the matching jewelry effectively showcase the luxury brand’s iconic grandeur.

Still stunning in monochrome picture, the minimalist vibe enhanced the serious expression emanating from Suzy’s gaze. Garbed in classic dress and pair of black oxford shoes, her elegant image shines through.

Meanwhile, Suzy is gearing up to return to the small screen this year in tvN’s Startup.


Image Credits To: Vogue Korea

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