Taeyeon Makes Summer Hotter As Cosmopolitan’s Latest Cover Girl

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Taeyeon shows her timeless beauty once again!

Well-loved K-pop female soloist Taeyeon has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan’s July issue.

Just recently, the Korean fashion magazine revealed captivating photos of the idol through its website and social media channels.

The Girls’ Generation leader took part in the photoshoot with the theme of an artist with charisma and loveliness that is perfect for a refreshing summer. “It’s been a long time since I took a pictorial, but it was nice to be able to show various aspects of myself. It will be a memorable pictorial,” she said.

Taeyeon, who is a regular member of the tvN entertainment program Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market, boasts strong chemistry with her cast members.  She expressed her love and gratitude for the show saying, “I’m very lucky to be part of this program as all the members are so good. As time goes by, I often think that this what really means to have colleagues.”

The charming idol also shared that she has been spending more alone time to think about her journey so far. She said, “When I first debuted as a solo artist, I had a lot of trouble figuring out what color to show. Now I have the time to look back on myself. I feel like I know a little bit about who I am.”

Moreover, she revealed what kind of music she wants to gift to listeners. “I want to give people a song that gives them strength like vitamins. If possible, it would be a bright song.”

Check out more stunning photos of Taeyeon and know more about her interview in the July 2021 issue of Cosmopolitan.

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Source: EToday

Photo Credits: Cosmopolitan