Taeyeon Reveals Morning Routine And Beauty Tips In Interview With 1st Look

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Taeyeon’s secret to her fresh and radiant skin is finally out!

Well-loved K-pop soloist Taeyeon recently lend her beautiful visuals and stylish aura by participating in a pictorial with 1st Look magazine.

Posing with various looks, the idol shows off her admirable versatility in the photos. She enthralls with her natural appearance as she models A’pieu cosmetics.

Taeyeon also gamely participated in an interview after the photo shoot. She first talked about her morning routine saying, “Usually, I go to bed before 1 AM and wake up at 6 AM. As soon as I wake up, I take vitamins and drink coffee to officially start my day.”

The Girls’ Generation leader also shared her preference in makeup and the importance of Skincare. “It’s good to have semi-matte base makeup that is dewy, not too thick, and blends well to your face. Skincare is actually more important to bring out that look. I don’t cover flawless skin with makeup, instead, I try to make it really flawless,” she said.

Asked on her favorite look during the pictorial, Taeyeon answered, “the browcara (brow mascara) makeup that made the texture of my eyebrows stand out. I definitely felt how the eyebrows, which are the roof of the face, are important. I was so happy to discover a new side of myself today.”

Fans can see more captivating photos of Taeyeon and know more about her interview through 1st Look’s 202nd issue.

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Photo Credits: 1st Look