WINNER Talks Long-Awaited Comeback

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WINNER is finally making a comeback after a 17 month-long hiatus, and the group has recently graced the February issue of W Korea magazine.

The members’ passionate charismas were highlighted in the magazine’s spread, which was shot at a vintage bar. They also sat down for an interview about their long-awaited return for the magazine.

During the interview, member Kang Seung Yoon expressed his excitement towards their comeback:

I couldn′t sleep at all before the new song was released because I was so nervous. I was excited and my body was shaking.

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun revealed that he spent a significant time studying and listening to new songs.

When asked how to harmonize the different musical personalities of the 5 members in group, Song Min Ho shared:

We shared the heart to want to create a color that is unique to Winner, so we all worked together comfortably. Rather than feel the need to shed the mold of idol music, we thought about what we do best and worked hard.

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