Wonder Girls’ Sohee is a clean femme fatale for Dazed and Confused

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Chosen as Seoul’s representative for the Fashion of New York and Seoul design project, Wonder Girls’ Sohee graced the cover of Dazed and Confused‘s August issue alongside New York’s representative, Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny.

Two versions of the magazine were released: one cover with Sohee and the other with Chloe Sevigny. Being a netizen favorite for fashion pictorials,  her spunky style earned Sohee the spot as Seoul’s fashion icon. She actively participated in the creation of the pictorial, from the designing to the make-up process. She even came up with the concept of the pictorial which is Clean Femme Fatale.”

During the interview, she shared her thoughts about being a member of an idol group and things she wanted to accomplish in her 20’s.

Check out Sohee’s femme fatale look:


Do you like Sohee’s femme fatale look?

Sources: News – yahoo; Photos – soheelover.

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