Wonder Girls’ Yubin Graces Four Magazine Pictorials

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Due to her appearance in the recently finished rap survival show, Unpretty Rapstar 2,  Yubin is getting more attention.

As Wonder Girls’ main rapper, she is expected to get along with people of the same passion, that is: other rappers.

Gracing four magazine pictorials, Yubin proves that her fellow rappers would love to work with her. The December issue of Bling Magazine makes Yubin and fellow Unpretty Rapstar 2 contestant, Heize, your new girl crush. This pictorial is in collaboration with Rebook‘s Inferno shoes.


Another cover is a collaboration with Kye for 1st Look Magazine. Yubin wowed everybody as she gave a peek of perfectly toned abs.


Show Me The Money Season 4 winner, Basick, makes every man jealous while he poses with Yubin as a couple for Allure magazine. The two showed good chemistry in their “couple look”.


Wowing yet again with her gorgeous body, she poses for Arena magazine. Many netizens could not help but fall for the rapper’s charm as she showed her perfect C-line.


Check out the photos here:

Image sources: The Bling, 1st Look, Arena and Allure

(Editing by Timea Baksa)

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