Wonder Girls’ Yubin Wants To Release A Rap Solo Album Even If It Ruins

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Yubin’s enthusiasm for the rap culture is strong.


Magazine GQ Korea recently released an interview with Yubin along with a set of three charismatic pictorial. The Wonder Girls member sat down to talk about the group’s latest release ‘Why So Lonely’, diss battle with Hyorin on Unpretty Rapstar, and also showed her passion toward rapping.

In a particular question, she was asked what her favorite thing is now. She answered “It is rap.”  She further divulged, “I want to release a solo album, even if it ruins (even if it can’t do good).”

Asked if it is an album with only rap songs, she explained, “It is going to have a little bit of singing. It will be an album full of my own colors.”

Who is looking forward to this now?

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