Yoo Seon Ho Exposes Voguish Looks In MAPS Magazine Photos

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Yoo Seon Ho exhibited cultivated beauty in his latest pictorial with global art and fashion magazine MAPS

Rolling out with his refined mature look this time, Yoo Seon Ho captivates fans with his contemporary charisma.

Yoo Seon Ho

With the photos released on April 23, the singer exudes his never-before-seen prime visuals.

Yoo Seon Ho MAPS

The former Produce 101 trainee which shows his innocence and childlike image before, is now blazing with fierceness.

Yoo Seon Ho MAPS

In his latest pictorial with global art and fashion magazine MAPS, Yoo Seon Ho aced his chic yet mature charms.

Yoo Seon Ho falunts a full fledged visage that contradicts his usual image with a silk-based overfit shirt. His edgy all-white suit fashion enhances his modest physique and matches the pictorial theme.

Yoo Seon Ho MAPS

Specifically, Yoo Seon Ho’s playful yet deep eyes blend well with the concept, adding flamboyance through his youthful charms completing the pictorial.

The pictorial featuring Yoo Seon Ho will be available on MAPS Magazine May 2020 Issue.

Meanwhile, Seon Ho been the team’s beloved maknae and super rookie on the recently concluded SBS entertainment show Handsome Tigers.

He also plays the main role of Sangdoo on KBS1 Special TV Show Turtle Channel for the Day of People with Disabilities.

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Images Credit: MAPS Magazine