Yoon Si Yoon is a sweet mess

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Flower Boy Next Door actor Yoon Si Yoon has transformed into an ice cream boy for the January publication of CéCi magazine.

Yoon is seen posing naturally with different types of sweets and skates. In the first photo, he looks towards the camera with wide eyes while licking his finger. On his other hand, he holds a cone with two ice cream scoops. A second photo displays Yoon holding his jacket over himself while sitting on a high stool, with his feet rest upon a skateboard stacked on top of two other skateboards. In the third photo, he digs into a bag of goodies while cones are placed bottom-up on the floor among large chess pieces and playing card props. For the fourth photo, Yoon sits comfortable on the floor next to a candle stand and glass case while caramel candies are spread across the floor. The last but not least photo features Yoon’s side profile while he bites into an empty ice cream cone that is stacked on top of two other cones.

Take a look at Yoon Si Yoon’s pictorial with CéCi magazine below:

Source: Couch Kimchi via CéCi

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