YoonA Celebrates Her Birth Month By Teaming Up With The Big Issue Magazine

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This year, YoonA is celebrating another year of life by teaming up with a magazine that helps out homeless communities.

YoonA may be celebrating her birthday a little differently this year, but she is certainly making the most out of it. On May 15, it was revealed that the singer recently teamed up with The Big Issue for a feature in their 227th issue.


The Big Issue is a lifestyle magazine that helps communities that are homeless or are at the risk of homelessness earn income by selling copies of their issues at the subways. The magazine also features celebrities who are a good influence as a way to inspire people to help their cause.

The photoshoot features YoonA decked in warm-toned clothing, set against a cool blue background. The singer-actress’ magnetic personality shines through, as seen in her expressions and her outfits. The combination of the lighting and the cool tones of the photoshoot truly brought out YoonA’s warm vibe.


YoonA’s beautiful heart

In an interview with the magazine, YoonA shared her motivations behind her feature in the magazine. “I’ve always had a birthday party with my fans, but this year it’s not possible due to the current situation,” the singer shared. “I thought about what else I could do to celebrate my birthday meaningfully, and then I thought of The Big Issue.”


“I’m always thinking about what I can do, and how I can put my heart into it. And I believe sharing brings more love,” the singer then explains. “My fans often do good things under my name, and I really appreciate that. It seems that giving and receiving energy, and living with beautiful hearts is something that we share.”

YoonA’s feature and full interview with The Big Issue magazine can be found in subway stations in Korea, as well as online platforms such as Aladdin and Yes24.

Source: ENews24

Image Source: The Big Issue