Before The 門 Opens: 3 Sejeong Tracks To Prep You Up For Her 1st Concert In Singapore

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SG SeSangs, are you ready to open The 門 to greet Sejeong?

K-Pop sensation, Kim Sejeong, is set to dazzle fans in Singapore with her 1st concert “The 門”.

Her ethereal vocals and dynamic stage presence have made her a beloved figure in the K-Pop industry and this concert is proof of love for Sejeong and her fans who have supported her through the years. 

To fully immerse yourself in the magic of Sejeong’s performance, we have selected three Sejeong songs you should listen to before attending the concert.

“Flower Way”

Flower Way is one of Sejeong’s most cherished songs, making it a perfect introduction to her musical prowess. A song made known during Sejeong’s “Talents For Sale” days, this song showcases her beautiful and emotive voice, which can melt hearts and soothe souls. The lyrics speak of chasing dreams and staying true to oneself, making it a poignant choice for her concert. As you listen, let the uplifting melody and Sejeong’s heartfelt delivery prepare you for the magical evening ahead.


Plant is an enchanting ballad that showcases Sejeong’s incredible vocal range and depth. The ballad expresses the feelings of consolation one receives from a small plant in a flowerpot, with the lyrics describing the metaphor of caring for a plant, as caring for a loved one. The evocative melody and Sejeong’s heartfelt rendition make this track a must-listen. 

“Swim Away”

Swim Away is an excellent showcase of Sejeong’s versatility as an artist. The track blends her velvety vocals with a groovy, pop-infused sound that is both infectious and dance-worthy. It’s a celebration of youthful optimism and the desire to escape the mundane and discover new horizons. 

About 2023 Kim Sejeong 1st Concert “The 門” In Singapore

Proudly presented by ACO Media, RELE and NoonTalk Media, Sejeong’s The 門 concert in Singapore will take place on 27 October 2023 (Friday) at The Theatre at Mediacorp at 8PM SGT. Limited tickets are still available here so be sure to get yours quickly if you’ve yet to do so. 

Source: ACO Media, RELE and NoonTalk Media