10 ASTRO Songs That Should Belong On Your Workout Playlist

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Astro has a long list of spectacular music in their repertoire – and if you are needing a workout playlist, the boys got you covered!

The record-breaking K-pop group made a blazing return with their recent comeback mini-album, “Gateway”. It’s first single, “Knock”, was just launched recently and has already garnered a staggering 3.2 million views.

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In celebration of the boy group’s astronomical comeback, we’ve gathered 10 of their most eminent songs that would make a monumental addition to your workout playlist. It’s time to push your dance tracks and party music to the back of your list for now, because ASTRO’s mid-tempo pop beats are about to take over.

Get ready to break a sweat, because we’ve got some excellent music coming your way!

#1 Baby

The music video of “Baby” features the boys of ASTRO in a whimsical cafe that serves up serious pops of color. In turn, this quirky beat can surely inject a dose of color into your workout routine. This hit is great for a moderate jog or even random dancing.

#2 Breathless

Working out can make you breathless, and coincidentally, Astro has a song with the same name. This optimistic tune can motivate anyone to burn those extra calories.

#3 Crazy, Sexy, Cool

The moderate swaying beat of “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” is the ideal background music to your cool down process. Just try your best not to imagine that you’re the girl they’re singing about…

#4 Blue Flame

“Blue Flame” is a fierce track with Latino-inspired flair that can truly get you running faster on that treadmill.

#5 1 In A Million

If you’d like to incorporate xylophone and drum-driven sounds into your exercise routine, then this summery song belongs at the top of your playlist.

#6 Go & Stop

ASTRO’s Latino vibes continue to blaze a trail of melodious magic with “Go & Stop”. When you blast this song from your speakers, don’t be afraid to dance like no one’s watching.

#7 With You

Make your lunges and burpees with attitude through this track that would get you going with your fitness goals!

#8 You Smile

The feeling after a good workout truly can make “You Smile”. Your 10-minute cool down will feel like a breeze with this sweet tune.

#9 Cat’s Eye

“Cat’s Eye” is a playful pop song that will encourage you to happy-dance around your living room without a care in the world.

#10 Dream Night

Get the most out of your cross trainer by blasting this wonderful track from your headphones. The catchy beat will definitely push you to keep peddling until you reach your fitness goals.

Source: Astro Official YouTube Channel

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