10 Male Idols With The Best Body Proportions

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Episode 13 of Mnet‘s Super Idol Chart Show hosted by Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and BEAST‘s Dongwoon lists ten idols who have the most ideal body proportions; statistics and explanations included! The list was determined by the calculation of 1534 participants from age groups ranging from 15~19, 20~24, 25-29, and 30~34.


10. EXO‘s Chanyeol comes in at tenth place with 2.7% support of all supporters. He receives the same 35.7% of female supporters from age ranges of 15~19 and 20~24. Chanyeol’s proportions are also favored by men in their mid 20s and above. 52.7% of his male supporters ranged from age 25~29 and 43.1% ranged from 30~34. His proportions and appetite are a result of eating his mother’s breakfast during his school days.


9. CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk receives 4% support and the most prominent percentages were apparent among males aged 15~19 which accounted for 43.4% of his male supporters, and females aged 20~24 which accounted for 46.2% of his female supporters. Minhyuk seems to be one of the taller maknaes (youngest members).


8. BEAST‘s Yoseob receives 5.3% support from the total amount of participants. His most prominent percentages for male and female supporters both come from the 15~19 age range. 68.5% of total female supporters and 44.6% of total male supporters are actually teens! A fun fact is that his head circumference is only 52cm while both Ryeowook and Dongwoon’s head circumference are 56cm.


7. 2AM‘s Seulong comes in close with 5.7% support. Of all of his supporters, 51.8% of his female supporters came from the 20~24 age range! He stands at a height of 186cm and weighs approximately 71kg. His proportions are a result of eating well and his height contributes to 2AM’s average height of 181.5cm!


6. TVXQ‘s Yunho takes sixth place with 6.3% support of all participants. The percentage of male supporters was distributed quite evenly, while the total amount of female supporters who favored his proportions were most prominent around the 25~29 age range. He is most recognized for being popular among children as well as having ‘the smallest face in the world’.

20140523_Super_Idol_Chartshow_65. SHINee‘s Minho comes in at fifth place with 10% support. 49.1% of females aged 25~29 and 44.1% of males aged 20~24 find his proportions most ideal. Surprisingly, he receives no female supporters from the 15~19 age range and no male supporters from the 25~29 age range of the total 1534 participants. To confirm that Minho has ideal proportions elsewhere, his face is vertically symmetric and his horizontal facial proportions result in a 1:1:1 ratio.


4. ZE:A‘s Hyungsik takes fourth place with a close 10.3% support of the total 1534 participants. Males aged 25~29 highly support Hyungsik and account for 48.1% of his male supporters. Supporters from the 30~34 age range also believe that Hyungsik has the best proportions: 38.1% female and 31.2% male.

20140523_Super_Idol_Chartshow_83. TVXQ‘s Changmin comes in at third with 10.7% support. Unexpectedly, males aged 20~24 highly supported Changmin and contributed to 52.4% of his male supporters. Since debut, Changmin was known for his 10:1 body ratio and the secret behind his height is that he eats 7 to 8 portions of meat, 2 ½ bowls of rice, and water naengmyeon (cold noodles).


2. 2PM‘s Nichkhun takes second place with 11.7% support. His top supporters were females aged 30~34 which accounted for 50.8% of his total female supporters. Dongwoon refers to Nichkhun as a Bageun (Baby+Geunyook (Muscle)) Boy because he has a baby face and muscles.



1. Last but not least, G-Dragon occupies the top spot by receiving 23% support. His top supporters were females aged 15~19 which consisted of 31% of the total female supporters, and males aged 25~29 which contributed to 34.8% of his total male supporters. G-Dragon is deemed a ‘celebrity fitting model’ as his small frame permits him to fit into womenswear.

Check out the Super Idol Chart Show’s ‘Best Body Proportions’ episode below:

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What would your personal list look like?

Sources: (News, Photos & Video) – Beyond_rea83 via sup3rjunior

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