10 Korean Dramas That Inspire Us To Travel

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Aside from the beautiful stories that led to comforting moments, a few Korean dramas somehow gifted us with a free virtual travel experience

Joining the global trend, Korean dramas shot in foreign countries have been rapidly increasing. Apart from highlighting the best features of the story, it also presents key city destinations.

It gives viewers an idea of having the featured overseas locations be included in future travel plans.

Unleash your inner wanderlust and be inspired to travel while watching these amazing Korean dramas.

1. Are You Human – Czech Republic

Seo Kang Joon’s starrer, Are You Human? was partly filmed in Czech Republic as his AI character and his mother sought refuge outside Korea as narrated in the story.

Some of the notable places highlighted in the drama are The Mill Colonnade, Hrad Hartenštejn, and Stará plynárna.

TIP: Lovers in Prague, a classic romance melodrama, was also shot in the biggest city of Czech Republic.

2. Memories of the Alhambra – Spain

Ambitious on its run, Memories of the Alhambra almost achieved a perfect 2019-drama-to-beat label. The polished weekly episodes maintained its mystery while making sure that viewers would be haunted. That ultimately leads to anticipate what’s in store for the series each week.

Draped in the beauty of Alhambra, Spain; viewers can feast on the scenic and relaxing views of its city structures and tourist spots. A few railway stations such as Kisterenye, Budapest Keleti and Mezőtúr were included in the train station scenes. Other places worth visiting are Mirador San Nicolás, San Miguel Alto Shrine, Hercules Fountain and Alhambra’s Nasrid Palaces, The Alcazaba and The Tower of Justice.

Memories of the Alhambra

3. The Package –  France

The Package heals your heart with thought provoking love lessons while letting you indirectly travel along with the characters in fascinating France.

With picturesque Paris, France as the designated setting, you will get what you never asked for in this comforting drama about travelers who embark on a premium package French tour.

As the journey unfolds, they reflect on their current life and love situations resulting in overdue disappointments that need to be forgiven and new beginnings that need to be accepted.

It is a romantic gift that is blended with retrospective pep talks throughout its stunning screenplay. Also, it is a romantic gift that is ironically spirited while running on a wistful narrative.

The Package captures the drama’s ultimate message – how personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, won’t reveal apprehensions due to a man’s self-sacrificing nature.

The Package

4. Chocolate – Greece

Bridging strained relationships, Chocolate is a heartwarming reminder that death can be painful but the memories left by our departed loved ones help us get by.

Aside from the scenes shot in Greece, local seaside places in Wando, South Korea were also highlighted in this jTBC drama. Reminding us that life is fleeting, Chocolate wants us to be thankful of each day we get to live feeling the warmth of our loved ones.


5. Scent of a Woman – Japan

Some scenes in the love and life affirming melodrama, Scent of a Woman were shot in Okinawa, Japan. The romance plot was made more addictive in the Japan story arc since the love between the main leads blossomed in the picturesque places displayed in the story.

6. Crash Landing On You – Switzerland

Gifting fans with the best of both pictured North and South Korea worlds, the Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin runaway hit series have also flaunted the stunning vistas of Switzerland. That it is impossible for its avid fans to not yearn to bathe in its arresting scenery.

Particularly in the series’ endearing epilogue scenes, tantalizing lake and mountain views were presented in the story.

7. Descendants of the Sun – Greece

Meanwhile, fan favorite Descendants of the Sun has generated tremendous rave at the time of its airing. The love story between a doctor and an elite army captain became one of the highest-rated series in 2016

Some recommended scenes in the series were also shot in Greece like the ones in Clock Tower of Arachova, the Monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa, and Navagio Beach.

descendants of the sun

8. Black Knight – Slovenia

Black Knight at the very least would amuse you with its romantic drift, even with its safe ending.  You won’t think fondly about it when you look back. But swerving away from a battered and draining narrative can be a comforting watch for those who want a laid back romance with fantasy hints of unrequited love.

Boasting quaint places, Black Knight starring Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung had partly filmed some of the drama’s memorable scenes in Slovenia. Otočec Castle, Predjama castle, and Logar Valley are some sites featured in the series.

Black Knight

9. The Legend of the Blue Sea – Spain

Time-transcending romance sweetens this mermaid-conman love story. The base fairy tale approach that seems to be familiar to anyone is most likely the key ingredient to The Legend of the Blue Sea‘s delightful run.

Another drama which highlighted the stellar setting of Spain is SBS drama The Legend of the Blue Sea. It featured UNESCO World Heritage site – Lighthouse Tower of Hercules, Atlantico Bar (where Heo Joon Jae taught Shim Chae to eat spaghetti), and Piscina Es Cau de Begur.

10. Encounter – Cuba

Encounter proves that love is for two brave people willing to take each other’s pain. Viewers are expected to feel those contemplative nudge of appreciating little things that we tend to overlook when relationship problems seem too hard to handle. While not tautly executed, its soothing effect and that invisible drive to support the couple’s ever-after goal draws its mesmerizing hook.

Beginning its drama journey in Havana, Cuba; the series featured scenes shot in Fort of Saint Charles, Aracelo Iglesias Park, Antonio Maceo Park, Casa Lafayette and Café del Angel – Jacqueline Fumero Boutique.

Encounter Korean Dramas


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