10 Years With INFINITE, 10 Songs To Celebrate With

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The paths may be different after 10 years—but the beginning was the same for all seven members of INFINITE.

INFINITE, the group known best for their 99.9% synchronization will be celebrating their 10th year since their debut. The group does not consist of the original seven members anymore but in their fans’ hearts, they will forever be 7.


Their story officially started on June 9, 2010. The group rose to fame with their unique sound, goofy members and always compelling, perfectly executed choreographies. Their original line-up was of Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong.

The group had a couple sub-units- INFINITE H (Dongwoo and Hoya) and INFINITE F (Sungyeol, L and Sungjong). Members Sunggyu, Dongwoo and Woohyun have also debuted as solo artists, as well as ex-member Hoya. Most of the members have also taken acting roles.

Back in 2017, Hoya announced he will not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment and he would be departing from the group. Thus, leaving INFINITE as a 6-member group. Later in 2019, L also left the company after his contract expired and went on a search for new challenges.

Most of the guys are currently doing their active military duty. Member Sunggyu was discharged earlier this year while L has not yet enlisted.

The boys have left quite a nice set of songs in the music scene and we will be taking a look at 10 of the most memorable ones.

1. “Come Back Again”

INFINITE debuted with the mini-album First Invasion and the title track “Come Back Again”. Who can forget the catchy dance steps when they sing “Come back again, come back, come back?”

They managed to show a strong set of vocals, the teamwork between their two rappers and, of course, the prominent dancing.

This was the start of INFINITE, a symbolic song for both them and their fans, Inspirits. Through the years they have occasionally quoted the lyrics, asking the fans to stick with them in the future.

2. BTD (Before The Dawn)

“BTD (Before The Dawn)” might be the song which got INFINITE more fans. It was released in January 2011. They were setting their own style and it was starting to bring results.

Another catchy chorus line and addicting rhythm. Those and the darker lyrics about an obsessing love were the push they needed in gaining more interest on themselves. The song was also accompanied by the legendary “Scorpion dance” which the group managed to showcase perfectly every time.

The music video for the song had a darker feel to it. Members Woohyun and L showed their acting skills through it, further impressing anyone who watched the video.

Starting from this release and continuing with the rest, the group began to rise up on the Korean charts and to even enter top spots on music show charts.

3. Be Mine

The song which brought a lot of tears to the group, “Be Mine” enters the hearts of many for a few reasons.

INFINITE released their first full album Over The Top in July 2011. It contained the title song “Be Mine” which was another powerful track.

The song brought the group its first ever win on a music show. The date was September 1 and the place- M Countdown. There were a lot of tears of joy from the members. It was a touching moment for both them and their growing fandom. They were starting to get the recognition they deserved.

4. Paradise

Their album received a re-packaged version titled Paradise and included a song with the same name, which also achieved the first spot on a few music programs.

The song has a different feel to INFINITE’s previous songs. A darker, sadder emotion was expressed. “Paradise” speaks of one’s hopeless love. Through the lyrics, the group expressed the desire of someone to keep their loved one by their side, promising to be better for them and asking them to never leave.

The instruments mix together to create this alluring feel which would fit nicely with the words of desperation.

5. The Chaser

In 2012, INFINITE held their first concert in Seoul, followed by an encore one. During the same year they released another hit track through the mini-album Infinitize.

The music video for “The Chaser” starts with the intro to the album before switching to the fast paced song. Another hit filled with catchy lines and never slowing beats. The track will have the listener entangled in its dynamic notion from the start.

The group wins various awards by the end of the year, including music show awards for “The Chaser” and becoming one of the TOP10 artists for the Melon Music Awards. They also won Netizens’ Musician of the year group award and the Hallyu Icon Award at the Golden Disk.

Billboard also named “The Chaser” as the number one K-pop song of the year.

6. “Man In Love”

Another song worth mentioning is “Man In Love”. It’s a fresh song with quite the fast beat, just one more out of the typical INFINITE hits.

Portraying how a man who is in love feels and acts, the song has sweet lyrics to capture and even melt fans’ hearts with their earnestness. Who wouldn’t want someone so caring and sincere as their special someone?

The music video only highlights the sweetness of the track by showing the members daydreaming and doing romantic stuff for their significant other.

Despite the melody being rather upbeat it is an appealing love story which will bring up a smile and warm feeling in the listener’s heart.

7. “Cover Girl”

Let’s go back to Paradise era for a moment to appreciate yet another love song. “Cover Girl” is the one in mind, especially its live version.

While definitely as good as the studio version, this one makes it easier to showcase each member’s vocal abilities when their voices aren’t edited through a program of any kind. In fact, the version only helps in proving they sound almost exactly the same.

Another highlight of the song is Sungyeol’s rap lines. This is the first time he is given the opportunity to explore doing something other than singing his usual one-liners. To everyone’s delight, he did very well on this task, resulting in Inspirits wanting to hear more of his rapping.

Aside from that, INFINITE managed to bring another cute and lively love song to life. They don’t need to make a ballad to touch the hearts or make them melt, because the way they portray the emotions in a song is pretty much all one needs to get the correct feeling.

8. Tell Me

“Tell Me” is on the list for a couple reasons. One is how incredible the song is, as usual and expected from INFINITE. The other one being it is the first song after more than a year of hiatus in the Korean music scene and the first song as only six members, after Hoya left the group.

Despite falling short of a member, they don’t fall back in showing their power as one of the top artists in the K-pop scene. Addicting as always, the lyrics and melody yet again capture with the first listen and it’s definitely a track to have in one’s playlist.

9. “Clock”

After Sunggyu enlisted in the army and the rest having to do the same soon, the group decided to release a digital single as a goodbye to fans. Only five members participated in this song.

Unlike their usual works, this one takes a different approach. The members manage to bring a sentimental song dedicated to their fans. Through it, they ask them sincerely to wait for their return, to not forget them, to keep them in their memory and in their hearts.

It is a way of saying “Goodbye for now, let’s meet again” as the members have to go to the military and the group won’t be active for a while.

Woohyun takes the role of leading the song as the other main vocalist other than Sunggyu. Sungyeol and Sungjong are given more lines which they perfectly present. Both of them even show off with the rap parts given to them. Those in particular might be the highlights as it is something surprising for the fans to hear.

10. “Can U Smile”

For the last song, we’ll look at the emblematic “Can U Smile” in its remake version which is a softer and slower one than the original. The members’ clear voices stand out as they pour their emotions into each note.

INFINITE show how each and every one of them is talented. Both Dongwoo and Hoya who usually exceed with their rapping are showing they can also conquer as singers. They kept proving that talent in later works with the group and as soloists. All in all, this is the perfect song to finish this list with.

INFINITE have more high-quality tunes worth the listen. Their side tracks are just as good in terms of instrumental and lyrics, which will get absolutely anyone hooked. The trick is to find the ones which will please the different types of listeners.

As they celebrate their first decade anniversary since their debut, Inspirits are definitely out here to shower Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong with well-deserved praises and give them recognition for their hard work through the years.

Source: Woollim Entertainment, MBC Kpop

Image Credit: Woollim Entertainment

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