13 Spooky-Themed Korean Dramas To Watch This Halloween

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With the Halloween weekend just around the corner, here’s our curated list especially featuring Supernatural Korean dramas that you might want to watch.

We surely will miss the traditional Halloween parties we would have attended should COVID-19 did not happen. So, let’s just bring the chilling mood while we are all homebound.

For those who prefer light scary series, pick your choice from these spooky but delightful treats…

1. Missing: The Other Side

Set in Duon village where souls of crime victims settle happily, their lives intertwine with two men who both can see dead people. As they help solve the cases of the people resting at the village, they discover life lessons along the way.

Streaming Sites: iQIYI | Viu

missing the other side

2. Zombie Detective

Parading quite an interesting concept, Zombie Detective features a usually creepy character made endearing with his goal to protect himself from humans.

Waking up from a pile of trash, a being realizes he becomes a zombie without recollection of his human memories. He is surely unhappy to his slow movement, inability to say human language and the rest of human qualities he lacks.

When he saw a film depicting the cruelty of humans to zombies, he vowed to protect himself so as not to suffer in the hands of humans. Thus, he begins an intensive training to become a human while suppressing his evident zombie desires while tracing the mystery why he became a zombie.

Streaming Site: Viu

zombie detective

If watching with your lover or cherished friends, then better settle for these fan-favorites…

3. The Master’s Sun

A once promising student meets an accident and wakes up to a creepy ability of seeing wandering spirits. For years, it causes her to live a hard life as ghost after ghost came to ask favor for their souls to be at peace.

In one of Gong-sil’s spirit-favor-operation, she hitches on a rich CEO’s car. She also realizes that the rich businessman protects her from the ghost pestering her. Having found a way to shelter herself from the spirit attacks, she decides to work at his mall, and a series of events led to them being closer.

Streaming Sites: Netflix | iQIYI | Viu

4. Oh My Ghost

Bright, cheerful and feel good are the after-effects of Oh My Ghost chapter doses. It consistently runs the romance and comedy by sprinkling it with an adorable supernatural twist. A timid girl connives with a wandering ghost to build up her self esteem in her plan to seduce the man she likes.

The man she likes is a famous chef who thinks his employee is suffering from a bipolar disorder hence she is switching from perky to shy attitude. As romance slowly blooms between them, the wandering ghost’ sad death is revealed.

Streaming Sites: Netflix | Viu | iQIYI

Korean Romance Dramas

5. Chicago Typewriter

tvN has always been home to dramas that are not afraid to experiment on stories. Such is the case for Chicago Typewriter, which started on a vague footing, but emerged strong in picturing a story that uses heartfelt emotion in fueling the fictitious period drama framework.

The drama defies creative boundaries as it switches the past and present timelines without losing the brilliant writing and fascinating characters that moved in the story. Prepare to be mesmerized in the story of reincarnated friendships of a writer, a vet and a ghost writer.

Streaming Sites: Netflix | Viu

chicago typewriter

If mystic creatures entwined with Korean folklore and romance are right up in your alley…

6. A Korean Odyssey

Journeying to a romance story powered by mesmerizing characters, A Korean Odyssey is fantasy-love tale penned by famed sister-duo writer, Hong Sisters.

With folklore and fantasy serving as the narrative embellishments, the superb cast will surely captivates the audience who craves for an entrancing K-drama that stimulates mind and cleverly moves.

Streaming Sites: Netflix 

A korean odyssey

7. Tale of the Nine Tailed

As if his iconic Grim Reaper role is not enough, Lee Dong Wook seems to be proving he is cut up for supernatural characters. Suiting up to the role of a male gumiho, an arresting one for that matter, he has been working at the office of after life. He also handles wayward mystic beings while waiting for his reincarnated first love.

Streaming Sites: iQIYI | Viu

8. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Cursed to immortality, a Goryeo warrior captain lived for 9 centuries waiting for his bride that will vanquish the jinx laid by a deity. He finally meets his bride who has the ability to see ghost and has been aware of her status through the metaphysical grapevine gossips she heard through the years.

Goblin fell in love with her in the process and she is all willing to wield the sword stuck on his chest not knowing that by doing so, it will make him vanish.

Arguably the best Korean drama that aired in 2016, Goblin affirms any kdrama fan spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure.

Streaming Sites: Netflix | Viu

Goblin, VIU, VIU Malaysia

9. Legend of the Blue Sea

A mermaid chose to live in the land out of faith that the man she loved will love her back.  It turned out that their connection run deep as they were also lovers in their previous lives.

This Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun love pairing is perfect for when you just want to be lazy and feel loved.

Streaming Sites: Netflix | Viu |

K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea

10. Secret Healer

A Joseon princess was hidden by her King Father through his trusted Taoist priest, because of an inevitable  death waiting for her due to the curse that she will bring to the royal family and the country.

Years later, she learned of her true identity and chose to repel the curse placed on her to claim back the family and life that was deprived of her.

Streaming Site: Viu

If you want the real deal, then go for these lauded creepy Korean dramas…

11. The Guest

A sinister spirit caused a tragedy which left three broken young souls. Twenty years later, these individuals, still haunted by their horrific experience, meet, and together they face the same malevolent spirit. Their bonds grow stronger, with friendship developed, and eventually good wins over evil.

The premise might be too dark for some but the writers were able to incorporate enough gore and fright. This makes The Guest a true horror masterpiece. Combined with the great narrative, it was enough to encourage even the faint of hearts or non-horror fans to watch and finish the entire series.

Streaming Site: Viu

The Guest

12. The Cursed

Bravely deconstructing the world of Shamanism, its small and efficient cast propelled a continuously intensifying narrative that sedates viewers to stay until the end. While the series might not appeal to the general audience, The Cursed is such a breather from the usual patterns of South Korean dramas abundantly aired in the recent years.

Streaming Sites: iQIYI | Viu

February 2020 Korean Dramas The Cursed

13. Kingdom Series

Offering a fast-paced chilling story Netflix’s Kingdom series make sure that its followers get what it signed up for.

For viewers infected by the addicting story of Kingdom, the mind-blowing pursuit to quell the plague is undoubtedly gratifying. Ultimately, locking your heart to stock up more patience while waiting for its next season.


Streaming Site: Netflix

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