2018 Korean Drama Female Leads We Want To Trade Places With

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A slew of memorable female lead portrayals were gifted to us through Korean dramas we watched this year.

Witnessing new faces of K-drama female characters which deviated from the usual stereotypes is evident this year. Especially since most of the remarkable stories took in heroines as its focal characters.  A mixture of top and trendy actresses brought to life some of the most stunning female leads we met this year in K-dramaland.

From woman empowering messages, life affirming lessons and love realizations, the heroines from 2018 K-drama stories abundantly filled our pouches with heartwarming and inspiring impressions.

Here are some of the best girl crushes  from 2018 Korean dramas we met this year.

Son Ye Jin as Yoon Jin Ah in “Something in the Rain”

Something in the Rain

(Photo courtesy of Netflix PH)

She confronts her fears by refusing to wallow in her insecurities. She turned her vulnerabilities to strength by leaving a contemplative message of how mistakes do not define the worth of a woman.

Jealousy Points: All those hugs and kisses she shared from Jung Hae In. *chuckles

Lee Bo Young as Lee Hye Young in “Mother”

Lee Bo Young

A still cut from tvN’s Mother (Photo retrieved from Yonhap)

She resonates unselfish love when she barely received it herself. She sets a clear message of how the amount of love a woman can give to a child is the true meaning of being a mother.

Jealousy Point: She single-handedly mustered her strength to protect a young girl.

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IU as Lee Ji Ahn in “My Mister”

IU in My Mister

(Photo retrieved from tvN)

She is a reminder that the first step in building trust is to reach out. Lee Ji Eun’s reality-biting portrayal in My Mister reminds us that we always have a choice if we want to make things better.

Jealousy Point: Three brothers and a neighborhood soccer club got her back.

Go A-Ra as Park Cha Oh Reum in “Miss Hammurabi”

Go Ara in Miss Hammurabi

(Photo retrieved from jTBC)

She encourages us to always have a good heart. Oh Reum’s tenacity to save the world from injustice is but one step that can make a difference. Take an hour off from your social media life to find a cause you can support and dedicate some of your time to drive a purpose.

Jealousy Point: Judge Ba Reun is always there to support her advocacy.

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Park Min Young as Kim Mi So in “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim”

Park Min Young

(Photo retrieved from tvN)

She gave us the realization of doing what we are passionate about no matter how long it will take us to do it. She is not afraid to live a life that is entirely her own.

Jealousy Point: Her man has vowed to make everything in his world revolve around her.

Im Soo Hyang as Kang Mi Rae in “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

(Im Soo Hyang as Kang Mi Rae)

She inspires us to chase what makes us happy. She taught us that we should be generous of giving ourselves second chances to celebrate what we missed as a woman.

Jealousy Point: Two campus hotties like her.

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Kim Tae Ri as Lady Ae Sin in “Mr. Sunshine”

Mr. Sunshine

Kim Tae-ri as Go Ae-sin in Mr. Sunshine (Photo Courtesy of Hwa&Dam/Netflix)

She teaches women about the limitless meaning of love.

Jealousy Point: A marine captain, a sword-master and a rich man love her.

Which 2018 K-drama female lead you want to trade places with?

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