2019 Hellokpop Best Of The Best: Main & Popular

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2019 has been an even bigger year for K-Pop – and we’re more than excited to share our picks for the stars who brightened up the year with our 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best.

Despite all the down moments, 2019 still proved to be a great year for K-Pop as it has continued its dramatic streak of breaking through the local and international scene – and making its impact much bigger while it’s at it.

This would not have been possible without the hard work of K-Pop artists who poured their hearts out for their comebacks, and performing with their fullest energies on stage.

As we get ready to welcome the new year, we would also honor the outstanding work that different artists have done this year with our series of the 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best.

2019 hellokpop best of the best

The 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best only includes releases from January 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019. It is divided into three parts: Main & Popular, Rising, and Rookie.

2019 hellokpop best of the best

2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best [Main/Popular] Winners

Music Video of the Year

  • Male Group: BTS ft. Halsey “Boy With Luv”
  • Female Group: BLACKPINK “Kill This Love”
  • Solo: HyunA “Flower Shower”

Dance Performance of the Year

  • Male Group: SEVENTEEN “Fear”
  • Female Group: TWICE “Fancy”
  • Male Solo: Taemin “Want”
  • Female Solo: Chung Ha “Gotta Go”

Vocal Performance of the Year

  • Group: MAMAMOO “gogobebe”
  • Solo: Taeyeon “Four Seasons”

Band of the Year: DAY6

Duo of the Year: AKMU

English Song of the Year

  • Group: MONSTA X “Someone’s Someone”
  • Solo: Jackson Wang “Bullet to the Heart”

Collaboration of the Year (Local): Heize X Giriboy X BTS’ Suga “We Don’t Talk Together”

Collaboration of the Year (International): BTS ft. Halsey “Boy With Luv”

Outstanding Concept of 2019: EXO “Obsession”

Outstanding Soloist Debut From Group:

  • Male: EXO’s Baekhyun “UN Village”
  • Female: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa “TWIT”

Outstanding Fandom of the Year:

  • Monbebes (MONSTA X)
  • iKONics (iKON)

Favorite Comebacks of 2019 – With our top favorite comebacks being named as the Outstanding Comeback of 2019, we can’t help but also shine a light on these eighteen amazing comebacks which we not only loved so much, but also felt the great impact of, this year.

  • AKMU “How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You’re The One I Love”
  • BLACKPINK “Kill This Love”
  • EXO “Obsession”
  • GOT7 “You Calling My Name”
  • SEVENTEEN “Fear”
  • TWICE “Feel Special”
  • Chung Ha “Gotta Go”
  • Taemin “Want” 
  • APINK “% %”
  • DAY6 “Time Of Our Life”
  • iKON “I’m OK” 
  • HyunA “Flower Shower”
  • NU’EST “Bet Bet” 
  • Taeyeon “Spark” 
  • NCT 127 “Superhuman” 

Outstanding Comeback of 2019 – The impact of these comebacks on their own had left us in awe, and thus we share our top favourite comebacks for the year!

  • Male Group: Super Junior “Super Clap”
  • Female Group: Red Velvet “Zimzalabim”
  • Solo: IU “Blueming”

Hellokpop Spotlight – These seven artists had made a huge impact this year, and although they aren’t taking the Artist of the Year titles, we’d like to give them a special spotlight for their very amazing 2019!

  • EXO
  • GOT7
  • Red Velvet
  • Super Junior

Song of the Year: TWICE “Fancy”

Artist of the Year

  • Male Group: BTS
  • Female Group: TWICE
  • Solo: Chung Ha

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